The wind blew her dress around; the swelling of the white cotton was similar to the spinning of the world in her head. Nothing was real. She was elevated above the world, above humanity, above those who thought themselves higher then the rest; above all of them.


Dawn Burning me. She lies with me I sense her breathing, I was lost in all of this chaos, What was this world we left behind? I don’t want to know, I raze myself higher As we make the final journey, upon the stairs of heaven….

the fallen

hate blood destruction fire apathy chaos burning hell shattered concrete rubble metal iron incinerating skies burning clouds the world a seething mass of people fighting forfood fighting for water fighting to fight, to destroy, to be destroyed to get away from this hell a daily struggle to survive but nobody wants to yet they don’t… Continue reading the fallen

chaosity 1999

chaosity is my name, chaos is what i do best. i have smelt the stench of it, i have tasted the blood of it. i have heard the screams of it, i have felt the rotting flesh of it. Yes i am chaos, CHAOSITY99.