A friend of a friend died about a month ago, and their easter is in about 2 weeks. My friend who knew this person is deciding not to celebrate easter at all because her sister thinks it’s disrespectful. And they’re not going to celebrate their christmas this year either… which I think is a bit… Continue reading Celebrations?

i despise valentines day

i know i probably wrote something about christmas, but know i want to rant about valentines day. i really want to know what the point is with having a holiday where you are forced to say you love someone. all it really does is remind those of us without anyone of how alone we are… Continue reading i despise valentines day


“She won’t be there, remember that”. Avery kept repeating this to herself as she walked through the crunchy snow to Johns house for his birthday party. Earlier in the day she had told him she wouldn’t go b/c Chris and his girlfriend Ainsley would be there, and she knew she couldn’t handle that.