Shadows of the Dark

“So you what?” Jechiziah was growing impatient. “I’ve had enough of you Gabriel, and your pathetic problems. You’ve driven me to the point where I just don’t care anymore. Leave and don’t come back for a while.” Gabriel blinked out of sight upon hearing Jechiziah’s threat, yet, he managed to sneak in one more glare… Continue reading Shadows of the Dark

Have you ever?

This is jes something i wrote…i think it speaks for itself… …Have you ever been afraid to love…or afraid of how much you loved something…have you ever loved someone so much,for so long,and still hav no idea why? and even though all the circumstances surrounding that person are so wrong…

For those who replyed to “strength”

many of you felt that I, rhonwyn, was saying that I was better than those who, I beleive to still be filled with hate. Firstly, there is a huge difference between “hate-filled” and “those coming here to vent” . I do understand this and I apologise if I made my comments too generalised. Secondly, I,… Continue reading For those who replyed to “strength”