She Is Now Forever Mine

She is walking down the darkened street as the lamps flicker on and off and all is quiet.I am hiding in the shadows behind the bushes,my black cloak hiding me from sight. I see her,her raven black hair cascading down her back just below her slender waist,her icy pool of crystal blue eyes. She walks… Continue reading She Is Now Forever Mine

Visitor in the Moonlight

Moonlight crested over the tree tops. Dark and unfamiliar it seemed to Victoria. For she had lived all her life in this very town, with these same people. She always walked this late at night, 2am on clear nights. But tonight was different, as was the week before. It was then she first felt that… Continue reading Visitor in the Moonlight

“A Close Encounter”

The night is young and full of curiosity, in an alley you appear to be in, strolling along to your nightly duties, but you feel a great presence lurking close by, you feel other steps beneath your feet, you whip around, no one in sight, still you feel someone is there, you feel it breathing… Continue reading “A Close Encounter”

Fallen Angel: Epilouge

With the storm brewing all around her, she looked into the pond to see her reflection. She did not recognize the person looking back at her. The person in the water wore a tattered rain soaked cloak over an equally described, lithe form. Every time the lighting flashed, cuts and bruises could be seen on… Continue reading Fallen Angel: Epilouge

My Beloved Night

Your call is powerful, Your Beauty Infinite Beneath your cloak of Witching-Hours I am Enshrouded, My Beloved Night You Sustain My Carnal Voracity and Tame the Beast within O’ My Beloved how would I survive if not by your Raven Empyream My Night My Beloved never leave me for I will surely Perish without your… Continue reading My Beloved Night

Feeder of Life

In the darkness. All alone. A forlorn shadow. To never be known. No emotion showing. On his apathetic face. The masochist this world created. A portrait of death’s embrace. Scars running down his arms. Like a seething fall from grace. Oblivious to the sorrow inside. Deep in his soul, pain doth reside. Eyes like tarnished… Continue reading Feeder of Life

Feeder of Life

In the darkness All alone A forlorn shadow To never be known No emotion showing On his apathetic face The masochist this world created A portrait of death’s embrace Scars running down his arms Like a seething fall from grace Oblivious to the sorrow inside Yet in his soul pain doth reside Eyes like tarnished… Continue reading Feeder of Life


Sitting alone in the darkend room,i wait for him to come and take me away.The things iv done,i wish i could erase them all,and start over,just like a mistake on a piece of paper…some time’s life does seem as simple as paper.