Blood Dripping Roses Prologue

Blood Dripping Roses Prologue Ebony Millers sat in her 8th period class. The last class of the year. And finally, the school year would be over in…Ebony looked up at the clock…in 5 minutes. She tapped her on her desk she waited for the last bell. “Ebony, what are you so antsy for?” Ebony looked… Continue reading Blood Dripping Roses Prologue

It’s not what it seems to be.

No matter what you do, nothing comes out perfect. Everything you try, people criticize, it’s just not worth it. Everynight, that beautiful girl, sits in her bedroom. She see’s no purpose in life, all she can do is painfully cry. You thought she was perfect, everyone thought she was worth it. People judge, they think… Continue reading It’s not what it seems to be.


Do you often long for the times of yesterday, and when yesterday comes around, it’s really tomorrow you get? 12:05 a.m. and the clock isn’t taking us anywhere but back again. But back again isn’t here, it’s really half past two…