Trick Candles

Make a wish blow out the candles i never think twice i wish for you they wonder why im always so sad like they havent a clue its because i cant have you i guess someone should have told me that wishes dont come true.

All the tears I’ve cried

People see you and say that you are fine. They don’t realize what they do to you inside. They just see you as quiet and kind. But they don’t know that everything goes wrong, all the time. These feelings and this pain tears you apart. But your friends don’t seem to care, they all look… Continue reading All the tears I’ve cried

Life, for me

Life for me Life, it has its ups and downs right? Maybe for most people but not for me Everyone always says the common phase “look on the bright side” Me, I can’t see one, though I have tried, many a time.


I love the rush of the cut As i let the blood gush Red wrists and fists I feel real pissed