In The Streets

poetic You layed out my coffin that day Praise the lie While the ringing continued Help strenghthen this vile Yes the streets are dead Everyday I walked through this crowd Everyday I cried And since when did you care? Only when it replied And now in the streets you fly Among the crowd I died… Continue reading In The Streets

Guardian Angel

I killed the angel that protected me… I drank the blood from my angel’s neck… I’ve damned myself… The room was silent… and cold… Dark….. I stood there…. Over my angel…. The one that God assigned to me…. Now dead… My angel’s blood….. Stained on my teeth and body…… The taste of her blood… Still… Continue reading Guardian Angel


there once was a boy, so treasured and loved..that everybody wished they could be just like him..but no body knew just how much he cried..for all his pain was locked up inside, scars on his arms, bruises on his heart..all because of what you did. you thought he was tried to change him, you… Continue reading +—+