Poem: lie

lie to make me feel better lie to compliment my self-esteem lie to make me want you lie to make me scream lie to change my mind lie to fuel my anger lie to rip apart my sanity lie to take away the danger *(plz tell me what u think)*

Accepting the Invisibility

I love how no matter how down I am- feeling like it can’t get any worse- there’s always that one person, standing in the backdrop; waiting to agitate you more than you already are. There’s always one person ready to make you feel like shit with their pety, selfish comments. Or that one bitch from… Continue reading Accepting the Invisibility

Two days in the home of shyanne,seth, and misti

It was a cold Grey-collored night sky. I was watching Lilo and Stitch on DVD at te same time waiting for Shyanne to get home with a friend for me. Hours later after the movie ended I heard thekey unlocking the door and quietly ran to it and unlocked it for her. I opened it… Continue reading Two days in the home of shyanne,seth, and misti