Miara: A Delicious Secret [Chapter 3]

Vampire. I could feel his presence reaching out to my desires. Everything I wanted he had, as well as everything I needed. The elevator bell rang as I reached the main floor. Merith reached for me as I began to lose consciousness. Why was he here? He was suppose to meet me at the airport.… Continue reading Miara: A Delicious Secret [Chapter 3]

Rememberance Day Massacre

Poppies sway in the breeze Upon a grassy knoll A peaceful sigh When seen below Victims of mankinds harsh blows The butchery of our fellows For no reason but greed Feeding to the lamentation Of many soldiers seed The wounded lay lifeless Memories more painful than death A cold abyss draining consciousness What a meaningless… Continue reading Rememberance Day Massacre

Horror lies within

Bleak hope scatters within fragments of my failing consciousness . Wearied I forage for the sanity to end the abhorrent creature which stalks my dreams. A beast blessed with blackness and appeased with terror, silently it stalks in the faults of my battered mind. Hunger craved, it presses each night drawing blood from guiltless souls.… Continue reading Horror lies within