Webbed Cracks

This isn’t the end you invisioned. A pain such as yours not imagined. But I am the creator of eternity- Bleeding mother’s maternity. Maybe you die; Maybe I wither away. Time’s last tonight, time’s turned to day. Everything is broken with hope gone, but all of my love and pain linger on.

Her mascera.

Another night staring at the ceiling he leans against the white walls with 5 bloody fingers sucking her soul away. four knuckles bashing against purity grasped by an unloved soul. with her cold hands holding his the raindrops hit the windows. as the tear drops drip slowly to the floor. Another night with the clouds… Continue reading Her mascera.

flickering lights

theres so manythings i’ve made up, so many things i’ve lied aboput. so many things i can never attone for. so many sins… I tilted my head staring at the ripped sheet hung on the cracked plaster wall. through the rip of the sheet i could see the cracks along the wall. they were shaped… Continue reading flickering lights

Suffocation Under Pressure

Rotting corpses haunt my deepest precipice. My useless soul flakes itself away. Blood-stained handprints paint the graveyard walls. Cries of the unwanted children fill my dreams. Pain is the intimate aspect of pleasure. The mysteries of life will be explained through death. Unfathomable horrors wait at the right hand of the Prince of Darkness. Religious… Continue reading Suffocation Under Pressure