Who rides across the dusky plain Tearing along wirh might and main Like some wild storm-fiend, in his flight Nursed on the ebony breast of Night? ‘Tis he, who left her in her need– Her lover, on his milk-white steed ! The blast in all its savage force Strives to o’erthrow the gallant horse That… Continue reading THE VAMPYRE (STRIIGOIUL) PT. 3(FINALE)


gothic Along with your rage follows your fate Pugatory awaits to feed of your hate Inside it’s burning, flames all around The site deafining all others screaming sound Whitnesses bleed and whimper in shame Towards everyone else you point your blame When you fall you will take down the sun Shadows will rise and heaven… Continue reading disaster

Deadly Love-Chapter One

I always loved him and I told him I’d love him always-life or death. And he loved me, too. Saying those exact same words. I knew I would always love him forever because many people would tell us, “you;re meant to be. You’re meant to be.” And I’d simply answer each time, “Forever.” We’d always… Continue reading Deadly Love-Chapter One

losing myself

for the past few weeks i have had writers block. i cant seem to get my dark words to come out smoothly without something triggering the depression and making me crash. i guess ill just have to keep trying. once i can get my thoughts into words ill submit something worth while.