dark kiss (vampire story)

There is a large gap in my mind from the past night; it must have started at no later than half past the hour of eight. Louise or better known as La Goulue, Nini belle-en-cuisse and I, were working as we always would on a normal weekday night. We were three beautiful women working towards… Continue reading dark kiss (vampire story)

Dark Kiss of Evil Chapter 15

Rain poured from the dark heavy sky, sending cold chills all over everyone. In the middle of a centrey stood a family, all dressed in black. They all standing under a tent that looked over a gave. It wasn’t many people there. Not many at all. A small group. Among this group stood Tony. No… Continue reading Dark Kiss of Evil Chapter 15

Dark Kiss of Evil Chapter 13

Sodina’s dreams worried her. They were filled with nightmares that made her want to wake from her sleep. All her worries and problems came together in the dream. Tony, school, her mother, and now the new face that flashed by; Damon. Who was this person? and what was this information that he passed along to… Continue reading Dark Kiss of Evil Chapter 13

Dark Kiss of Evil Chapter 12

Sodina sat in the car as the speeded down the dark road towards her home. Her eyes looked over at Maxiumus only to find that his eyes were glued to the road. -“I think it’s time for me to get some answers here Maxiumus.”