For Pete’s Sake

Think of the word “atrocity”. You probably don’t know what it means, but it is a good way to describe the contents of this story. Go back. Back to the old west days. You’re probably thinking of gunfights, and cowboys, all that stuff. Well, everything has a darker side. Even cowboys had things that go… Continue reading For Pete’s Sake

death became her

oh how i wish she loved me. the cutting isn’t helping- no matter how deep i go. she wanted me at first, then drifted away when she saw my darker side. the only thing that’s keeping me going is my goth friends and the cold hearted cemetery.

Underbelly Fashion

Underbelly Fashion: The name is evocative of the darker side of life, and what designer Laura Shrewsbury delivers is certainly a dark and glamourous collection of simple but elegant fashion for men and women. The styles are quite versatile and could easily be worn from day to night; voluptu-goths will be pleased to see her… Continue reading Underbelly Fashion