A Wrongful Path

It seems that when the present comes to you, it makes you decide on two pathways,neither one you want, you say, but make them anyway,since you have no chopce, no freedom to make your own decisions, but there is a time you choose the best one you could think of at the moment, then later… Continue reading A Wrongful Path

Help yourself

What is up with the people who think that they have the answer to all of life’s problems? People have different solutions to all kinds of different problems and no one that I have come across seems to think that. They promote one solution, conformity. Conformity as in giving in, or conformity to the Church.… Continue reading Help yourself


Yes, those dreadful cookies seem to be disappearing from you. I don’t know why but it happens to me too. I think that it was a result of starting the site on a different domain, and then moving it to this one. Unfortunately, if that is true.. I have no idea how to fix the… Continue reading COOKIE MONSTER