I take a deep breath That seems so hard to do now The room seems darker Like im not alone anymore Theres someone waiting for me, I can feel them My minds telling me to go to them Let them take me, finially But im scared Its darker now The noises are getting louder I… Continue reading them…

Cultic Deceptions

Syn walked through the pet cematary, or so the townspeople called it, to the desolate flower shop that had been abandoned many years ago. Stories claimed that there were haunts and casted away spirits dwelling in the quaint building. But that wasn’t why she was there. Her light, strawberry kissed hair fell in her face… Continue reading Cultic Deceptions

Melissa’s Story

Ever since Melissa was old enough to remember, she hadn’t had a father figure in her life. Her father had been unfaithful to here mother ever since she was born, and so they got devorced. She couldn’t help but think that it was her fault that her parents got divorced, and never really believed anything… Continue reading Melissa’s Story

Paganism, Some people just don’t know shit

You know it’s almost sicking to here some people bitch about how good of a wiccan they are, or how good their getting at it. “I know more shit than you do”, replied the whiny stupid fucking moron. You know if I can recall, now give me a sec, shit there it is, paganism is… Continue reading Paganism, Some people just don’t know shit