Why Even Bother To Reconstruct Iraq?

It is apparent that Iraq obviously wishes to bring about its own demise. Time and again have multiple countries come to Iraq’s aide in reconstruction and repair since the end of Major Combat in Iraq. Coalition forces have been working hard long hours to help better Iraq for the future and current generations of Iraq.… Continue reading Why Even Bother To Reconstruct Iraq?

Is There Any End To This?!?!?

Is There Any End To This?!?!? Emotional Torment Not a single way to sedate Dried up in draught Not a single tear to shed Endless dreadfull nights Restless from tearless cries Is there any end to this? Look up, Down All around Nobody’s there Look over, under And look through No one to care Agonizing… Continue reading Is There Any End To This?!?!?

A Self Conscious Beauty

the moon shining off of her pale pristine body outlining her perfect figure the corset pushing in her imperfection she must be perfect her own hands pulling the bondage tight she must not free her natural shape her false ugliness might show through her black hair falling around her glowing white neck shining from the… Continue reading A Self Conscious Beauty


Marbled walls of tainted crimson, Stared with my weary eyes; Trapped in this empty prison, Drowning in my own demise. Ambered orbs of unknown raven, Twinkling in the dark night sky; Perched ‘pon weathered roof of tavern; Blackened beak let out a cry.