Just 24 more hours til ‘Sleepy Hollow’!!!!

‘Sleepy Hollow’: 5 reasons why you must watch its September 16 debut
When most people hear the words “Sleepy Hollow,” they either have a flashback to high school English class, or they picture the 1999 Tim Burton film.

the night desk’s insight:
I CAN”T WAIT!!!! It will officially feel like halloween is coming once I starting watching this series. I am going to watch it when it comes on but I think I’ll set my dvr to record it so I can watch it again when it’s over!! After you guys watch it lemme know what you think…

Blood Dripping Roses Prologue

Blood Dripping Roses Prologue Ebony Millers sat in her 8th period class. The last class of the year. And finally, the school year would be over in…Ebony looked up at the clock…in 5 minutes. She tapped her on her desk she waited for the last bell. “Ebony, what are you so antsy for?” Ebony looked… Continue reading Blood Dripping Roses Prologue

Accepting the Invisibility

I love how no matter how down I am- feeling like it can’t get any worse- there’s always that one person, standing in the backdrop; waiting to agitate you more than you already are. There’s always one person ready to make you feel like shit with their pety, selfish comments. Or that one bitch from… Continue reading Accepting the Invisibility