Nympthus was head of a secret underground coven, only real Vampyres could get in and not the posers, you know who I’m talking about you pulse loving bleeding bastards! Anyway, he had a part time job working nights as a local bar tender for a club called ‘Poor Richard’, he was dealin’ up some drinks… Continue reading Nympthus

Burnt Pt II

This made everything seem like nothing. Devo was about to make the biggest fool of himself which was not really that fucking surprising. Biffy was upset about his nicknames for the beef and bean burritos and the small the small peppers sitting on the counter. “What the fuck is your problem lady?” he asked.

Broken Thoughts

Vision fades into the night, a gunshot of murderous thoughtsof reality wounds revealed.Thunderous hatred screamsas execution feels burnon soft-surfaced skin. Acidic melting shame,disconnective mindless cares,empty esteem of unfounded hope,rip apart the injected veinsthrough serial killing ways. Everything seems of disbelief,choked upon unreal faith.Unforgotten remembrance heldwithin hourly sadden frowns.Morals undone of what becomestaken away by familiar… Continue reading Broken Thoughts