Though the night is black and cold Love’s ond story, pften told, Float’s in whispers thorugh the air. Stalwart youth and maiden fair Seal sweet vows of ardent passion With thier lips, in lover’s fashion. Restless, pale, a shape I see Hov’ring nigh; what may it be? ‘Tis a charger; white as snow, Pacing slowly… Continue reading THE VAMPYRE (STRIGOIUL) PT.2

My Hell

Poetic Around, all around, the dark memories gather. My dread grows as the Dark One’s touch falls against my naked soul. It mutilates me, and darkly my blood drips to the cold, uncaring tombstones. In numbness I hang my head while death follows. Now alone, my soul falls upon darkened eyes. This is my Hell

Feeder of Life

In the darkness All alone A forlorn shadow To never be known No emotion showing On his apathetic face The masochist this world created A portrait of death’s embrace Scars running down his arms Like a seething fall from grace Oblivious to the sorrow inside Yet in his soul pain doth reside Eyes like tarnished… Continue reading Feeder of Life

Soon to an end

lost in a world where theres no one to turn to. No one to trust anymore, feeling all alone full of dread from all this pain i endure. My life will soon come to an end. I will soon be free from all this hell. I won’t even say goodbye, they probably even care. Im… Continue reading Soon to an end