End the Pain

at the age of 13, you should be happy, but thinkin about killin your self, or do all the drugs you can just to help ease the pain, help forget shit you dont want to remember, or cutin yourself just to stop ur thoughts ever for just a few seconds


feeling depressed my soul has repressed everting inside of my mind. I take a bottle to erase your face but still it is left behind. Friends try to help as i sit and gulp almost ready to die. Wether by drugs, by knives or someone who is ready to take a life. When i am… Continue reading me

My song

A tingle races accross my skin Once again im free Die i might but not today my time will come another day I hate my life Everyone knows The days are long And filled with sorrow So many ways to end it all Which one to chose Fuck this all I was controled so long… Continue reading My song