is their a god?

seeking tranquility through the hands of earth declaring myself god with the help of no on buries in insanity, breeding in the writhing roots of infection. fractured and broken, hallucinations remaining. what i cant put into words come out through actions, drawing conclution and stupid solutions to problems of life. i question the agnostic existance… Continue reading is their a god?

My Nightmere About To Come True.

There in the firey pits of hell That is where the evil does dwell. Thinking skrying, no one is dyeing Buying more time Before they come to earth So that they may claim a new birth. Evil breeding, poeple speeding All is writen in this hell like place I even see a picture of my… Continue reading My Nightmere About To Come True.


There is nothing in this world for me. Nothing of substance. There cannot be companionship, happiness or even lonliness anymore. Everything is void & I can’t understand why. I can only press on, moving forward for no reason. Only to survive. But why? What’s the point? Doesn’t matter anymore. Only the cold & thoughts of… Continue reading Neo-Christ

the circus

poetic Clowns circling around on unicycles Darkened dead elephants carrying ghostly figures Dead cheering children watching contentedly The ring leader steps forth A short chubby man With gummy fat hands gripping the megaphone Yelling at the top of his lungs You could feel the air vibrate Yet it pounds at your head in whispers Circus… Continue reading the circus