Nympthus was head of a secret underground coven, only real Vampyres could get in and not the posers, you know who I’m talking about you pulse loving bleeding bastards! Anyway, he had a part time job working nights as a local bar tender for a club called ‘Poor Richard’, he was dealin’ up some drinks… Continue reading Nympthus

Remember when I said I’d be here forever?

It was cold. Silver and cold. But it was such a beautiful night. It was a light drizzle as River and Lana walked along the edge of the woods. Walking to their secret spot and holding hands, the moon hung halfway behind a cloud. They walked a little further and soon were at the small… Continue reading Remember when I said I’d be here forever?

This time

Cut from wrist to elbow This time it’s not for show This time I wont parade my scars They wont put me behind bars This time will not be the same This time I wont play that game This times different This time I don’t want attention This time I wont come back This time… Continue reading This time

The Power

The light glitters off its steel blade as I hold it in my hands. I look, I stare, I marvle at its power over me, my thoughts, and feelings. I watch as my hand slowly moves towards my wrist. I watch. I watch as the pressure is applied. I watch.