Alone in love (Poem)

I don’t know what hurts more Being alone without love Or in love an alone I keep thinking about her, about us Why she keeps saying she’ll call But never actually does She sends email, IM’s saying she loves me Saying she misses me I’m not so sure anymore I wonder if she still wants… Continue reading Alone in love (Poem)

Hatred towards the one i once loved.

It’s been half a year since he broke my heart. For 6 months I’ve done nothing but cried, and wish I would die. We started out as friends, but I wanted something more… I had been raped not too long back, and I felt unwanted. I just wanted someone to think I was more than… Continue reading Hatred towards the one i once loved.

looking for “friends”

hey, i am new at this but lets get down to it,i am wishing to start a clan. it is going to be called the clan of shadows,if you are interested in joining send me and email that includes your age,sex,and name. if you have any comments or questions about this clan email me also.

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hey i just wanted to know how to change passwords cause the email that i got with my user name and password the password was way off from what i asked for, i know i probably cant get exactly what id like but i just wanted to try and get something close to it instead… Continue reading passwords

Errors and other

I have been receiving some information about a few errors from some of you. Just to let you know what I’m already aware of: Table colors not uniform in some places Blank page after changing theme. Unable to logout. Unable to login. Thin article columns ( fixed in 0ri0n theme ). Error messages using Polls… Continue reading Errors and other