The Past is indistructable

The past is, Indistruactable, The future is, unreliable, The present is, consequensel, The past, Haunting me, Killing me, Reminding me, Of past deeds done, I’d like to stab myself, 50 times, for every person ive hurt, for ever soul ive crushed, for every heart ive broken,

Falling Away

The more i’m alive i find myself falling away from life, crying at night and wishing i’d die, can anything cure the emptyness? will it all just wash away and fade? why cant they see i’m struggling with this? i’ve let my life slip, i’ve let my dreams go, i’ve let you leave, now i’m… Continue reading Falling Away

dying inside

an emptyness has come pulling away the feelings of love, hurt, all the pain taken from me the feelings of life as my inside trembles and dies you dont even notice my body’s not far behind the scars that kept me alive fade my life does the same my body’s back to normal before the… Continue reading dying inside