the darkness shines apon my eyes, leaving an evil glare, i sit there desiring death, watching the gatess of hell, burn with envy, shining so vacuous, as i freeze, and then i look at he rose on my window seel, and clutch it gracefully, as the redness fades, and turns black, i watch the gate… Continue reading vacuous


Then on that day shall the darkness envelop us all We shall all be powerless to stop the onslaught Then shall fear, bitterness, anger, envy, terror, Lust, rage, jealousy, and hatred enter our bodies We shall all develop a sadistic nature, and all shall be exceeding pleased. Inflicting pain and suffering upon others shall be… Continue reading Darkness

For You (this is about the man i hate the most)

During my pathetic life I have tried and failed miserably to get you to believe that i am trying hard to impress you. Ive tried to do well but you always find a fault. Im sorry i couldnt be nice and perfect for you and your friends. But I didnt know i was destined to… Continue reading For You (this is about the man i hate the most)