Burnt Pt II

This made everything seem like nothing. Devo was about to make the biggest fool of himself which was not really that fucking surprising. Biffy was upset about his nicknames for the beef and bean burritos and the small the small peppers sitting on the counter. “What the fuck is your problem lady?” he asked.

A Love Letter

My Sweet, Although we have met, I could think of no other way than to properly introduce myself through the means of this letter. Most certainly you recognise me, as I do you. In fact, sometimes I feel as though I could recognise you through touch alone, I have memorised your features so well. I… Continue reading A Love Letter

My “Panic” Attacks

I’ve heard them call it a panic attack. They say it’s probably just a chemical imbalance in my brain. No problem, this little pill will take care of it. But sometimes I think they’re wrong…it’s not an attack, or an imbalance or even a medical problem at all. It’s just a time when my mind,… Continue reading My “Panic” Attacks