The problem

to the worst mom and daddy, when you read this i’ll be dead,, resting on my final bed. i dont have the words and i cant explain, all my life i’ve felt this pain. my existance twisted and full of tears, you’d see my reasons, if you had fears. i’ve lost control,but this i know,… Continue reading The problem

Nothing But Darkness

Walking away never really solves anything, but it seems like an easy escape, and a very appealing one. One could dream about a new beginning, being someone else, anywhere else, just someplace where there is no need to deal with the present, and the damage one can cause in a few simple, unthought out actions.… Continue reading Nothing But Darkness

Death comes to those who wait

The bitter wind lightens in the candlelit presence of the dark angel Her silk black hair brushes against her soft white skin The candlelight violently flickers, troubled by its soon demise It goes unnoticed to the angel, falling in love with the moon But the bitter wind feels it’s pain He lightens to a soft… Continue reading Death comes to those who wait

Suffocation Under Pressure

Rotting corpses haunt my deepest precipice. My useless soul flakes itself away. Blood-stained handprints paint the graveyard walls. Cries of the unwanted children fill my dreams. Pain is the intimate aspect of pleasure. The mysteries of life will be explained through death. Unfathomable horrors wait at the right hand of the Prince of Darkness. Religious… Continue reading Suffocation Under Pressure