world wide panic

poetic Carpet their faces Blanket their words The shadow shrowds the world Anarchy spreading under the arms of angels Their wings no longer present Epoch, drenching, whore governing the world Curses lightly said, prayers dead, lost for years Cries echoing off the walls of humanity


Shadows depart from the darkness sending us back to our chambers walking, ascending from behind us facing our fears seems endless finding the answers from within our souls the silence is deafening timeless past makes our bodies grow old chilling words causes our eyes to get cold laughter echoes in our heads seeming everthing we… Continue reading Loser-Poetry

Elena ch 5

As soon as she had finished tracing the names I passed out. I don’t know what happened, but when I woke up there were about six or seven people around me. As I looked around I realized that they were the rest of the characters from the stories… I was thinking whoa hold on there… Continue reading Elena ch 5

Don’t give them the POWER!!!

(Gothic) Do you know why people lable us? Think about it. A lot of people take it too harshly and it makes them feel bad about themselves or whatever. You know what that does? IT GIVES THE PEOPLE WHO LABLE US POWER!!! That is why they do it. It makes them feel like they have… Continue reading Don’t give them the POWER!!!