The Keeper (poem)

Say my name For you will know it well I will be your keeper When you enter hell Don’t look up there He won’t help The things you done And the things you do You know he doesn’t even like you Get off the floor And stop your crying You know its too late Your… Continue reading The Keeper (poem)

My Place

Darkness sets in, sealing our fates. Happiness now taken away, only to be replaced by hate. Negative thoughts cloud my head, memories flood my mind, lies start building up inside. Sorrow, is the next thing that follows, and pain, is the only thing that I gain. Promises, dreams, all shattered and broken, no hope to… Continue reading My Place

Shadow Mergers- complete insanity on my part

Shadow MergersInsanity lurks around every corner. Like a panther it blends with the night and swiftly seeks its prey. A shadow twitches and I jump. There is no time to rest, no time to sleep. My only thought is to escape. To seek the meager safety of the wilderness. The compound is dark and filled… Continue reading Shadow Mergers- complete insanity on my part