Specter At The Feast

You may think you know me From words I’ve written on a page From another lifetime ago From the depths of hurting, pain, and rage Somehow I’ve moved forward with my life I’ve grown past that empty divide I look back and see clearly those things That nearly drove me to suicide But sometimes in… Continue reading Specter At The Feast


To feast off the energy of the piercing moon is a wonderous thing.. To feast off the energy of another brings an outcome of emotional displeasure to me. If anyone here knows what I am speaking of or understands and perhaps can relate I’d love for them to contact me. Until then I wait, alone,… Continue reading Empty

are they real?

when people write vampire books like anne rice how do we no she’s not just writing from life experience she may be a vampire herself or a victim and what people are really doing is make us not believe them because if they’re not allowed to reveal themselves then it would be logical to write… Continue reading are they real?