dark kiss (vampire story)

There is a large gap in my mind from the past night; it must have started at no later than half past the hour of eight. Louise or better known as La Goulue, Nini belle-en-cuisse and I, were working as we always would on a normal weekday night. We were three beautiful women working towards… Continue reading dark kiss (vampire story)

Senseless Desire 4

“I am you in your dream,” the words whispered again,” reality is changing, rearranging as I speak.” The voice faded, attention diverted to the sparsely clouded sky. Ribbons of light trailing to the ground. Racing across the field, horizon to horizon. Nothing blocked the view except a single oak tree, set dead center on the… Continue reading Senseless Desire 4

Introducing Gothic Barbie!

Ok, I was buying myself a cool 1920’s silent movie monster action figure, and I’m staring at the dolls behind the counter. What do I see but a Morticia Addams Barbie! 11’1/2 inches of graveyard loving, horny Morticia! Finally, it’s here! I no longer have to draw on my barbies for them to attaint that… Continue reading Introducing Gothic Barbie!

buying jesus christ.

i was in a terrible mall shopping minding my business and then a little boy came up to me with this little booklet about finding jesus to save your soul, something his perverted parents made him bring to me maybe because my appearance made them uncomfy about their community. i knew what the booklet offered… Continue reading buying jesus christ.