In His Eyes — cont’d

She gasped as his body pressed hers into the bed. His lips were on hers, tongue dueling with her own. Fingertips trailed the sides of her body as his crotch ground into hers, allowing her to feel him heavy and hot against her through his pants and her underwear. She hooked her fingernails into his… Continue reading In His Eyes — cont’d

my first orgy

It had been a good party. Lara snuggled in Callan’s arms, wanting him badly but hesitant to start anything herself. She glanced across the half lit room at Sarah and Lachlan, watching Lachlan stroke Sarah’s breasts and hearing her moan. It got unbearable, and Lara was so turned on she couldn’t help it.


Okay, I was really pissed off at this girl at work the other day, so I had to vent. Danyel, her voice is that of a whiny little brat, that continues to ask,”are we there yet, are we there yet?”