The Late October

Roll the windows down and take a breath. It’s likely to be your last one. Put the fire to the taper Blow yourself out. The candle’s burning but you’re brushing it away. Flaming through your fingers. Don’t brush me off; I’m liable to burn You like the fire did. But you don’t understand the point.… Continue reading The Late October

Post-neon Amour II

I’ve seen you in strips of black and gray lunar cloak; a grunge-gothic disarray of savage hairstrands from above a sad, spying eye and words cutting through the haze… soft spoken syllables that die gently telling me about a hole in the moon so vast it covered the whole of the universe… it’s void expanding… Continue reading Post-neon Amour II

the vampire pathalogical lie (true)

This is all true……… I’m a pathological liar (that means if you say something to yourself enough times you’ll start to believe your own lies), but anywayz, I keep telling people that I’m a 573 year old vampire by turn, but 591 by birth. They really think I am a Vampire because I bite people… Continue reading the vampire pathalogical lie (true)

In The Bedroom (Net Friends part 4)

Once we had freed his arms from his shirt, I moved higher up his body to straddle his chest. I took hold of his hands and interlocked my fingers with his, he smiled, still with his eyes closed, I pinned his hands to the bed, leaned in close and kissed the corner of his mouth,… Continue reading In The Bedroom (Net Friends part 4)