You look in the mirror, Seeing what you’ve feared, Seeing what you’ve become, A liar, A backstabber, A fake, The face in the mirror Laughing at you, Mocks you, Eats at your pain, And you feed it, Every day, You fake every thing you are, And it gets stronger, Soon you’ll forget who you really… Continue reading Mirror

A Vampire in the Confessional – Part 5

(Note to the reader: the lines indicate change of first-person view) Part 5 ———— “Inmate or Patient, what am I? I need out of here!” I yelled as loud as I can, hoping in vain. “Hey, you in there. Shutup unless you want to be medicated again.” A nearby person said. “Who are you? Guard?”… Continue reading A Vampire in the Confessional – Part 5