Beyond The Veil Of Night

(**This submit topic belongs under “Poetic-Vampires”**) Walking beyond the veil of night. Velvet loneliness has taken flight. Silver liquid goddess is ushered in. A blushing bride untainted by sin. Pallid moon rides nocturnal black wings. Windswept stars shivers as the breeze sings. The night seduces me and I obey. Falling into beckoning arms without delay.… Continue reading Beyond The Veil Of Night


There was once a girl, who had no name Ingnorance and hatred gave her no shame And because of all of this she had no one else to blame

The Art of Breaking Hearts

there’s simply nothing as satisfying then breaking innocent hearts grip them in between your teeth and rip them apart extinguish the candle forget all your pain more than you can handle? then don’t use your brain there’s simply nothing to do but sit and watch it break my heart left in two is more than… Continue reading The Art of Breaking Hearts

My Princess…

Feb, 2003 You’re the princess of all hearts, And you’ve no idea when it starts. You’re so much more than your outside, And tonight nothing but your thoughts’re inside. Your gracious soul has taken over, My heart and mind, and left no cover. Emotions inside are calling out your name, And tonight you’re my only… Continue reading My Princess…