Remembrance and Longing

Burning, quivering Staring into the junoesque Handsome face of oblivion Noticing the slight curvature In the features of her smile As the moonlight radiates over her skin Showing crevices, indentations Around that little grin But it moves closer Steadily advancing on her guard Both women amazed at their own actions Harming no one Naïve in… Continue reading Remembrance and Longing


slithering through my soul fear and pain invisible no one can see freezing my veins clawing at my flesh grabbing for my mind


Fuck you, For all that I’m going through You wil never understand my agony and rage All I want is bitter-sweet revenge bitter-sweet as if the taste of blood lingering on my lips.. So with this knife I will take you life and lead you to torture Then maybe he will realize the sick thoughts… Continue reading i WILL WIN..~(HE IS MINE…)