-[X.x]- When Angel’s Cry Blood –[x.X]-

Looking down At this broken world Felt in the innocence Of a little girl Not realizing hope Not seeing the light Eyes torn out Raped of sight Life wrapped In a murky essence Entwined in deceit Found in its presence Festering away Rotting in time Its darkness sinks deep So strong and sublime Blinded by… Continue reading -[X.x]- When Angel’s Cry Blood –[x.X]-

Run away

Im no good at writing, but i am trying, i need as much advice as possible. its meant to be about be alone because of other peoples views…… Runaway, the they’re beside you, Runaway, the truth is still behind you, Runaway, their still beside you, All they ever do is watch you,

Beneath the Ruins

Skeletal whispers adorn the decaying ruins. The castle entrance is rubble at my bare feet. Tall tower imposing, encompassing all that dare to view. Voicing a challenge in a loud, booming voice, leaving tortured victims in the dewy grasses. The grey stone, antiquated. Unbearable, to see in an instant lives flash before our eyes, to… Continue reading Beneath the Ruins