A Vision & A Notion

You’re blind to visualize the inside of me, My withered outside has withered me to be, Nothing more than a selfless creation, Thriving in a clustered dead notion. Ruthlessly wounded the roads of life, Now I’m left to wither away with strife. My soul’s lost games with self & the world, Now I’m left without… Continue reading A Vision & A Notion

A Perfect World

She stands staring into the moonlit sky, Loving or loathing, we would never know. Living in the false world that loved her, Dying in a cold reality. Tears glisten in her once beautiful eyes, Her spirit cries, yet nobody knows. Softly she cries in her cold dark prison, The needle slowly washing her life away.… Continue reading A Perfect World

Feeder of Life

In the darkness All alone A forlorn shadow To never be known No emotion showing On his apathetic face The masochist this world created A portrait of death’s embrace Scars running down his arms Like a seething fall from grace Oblivious to the sorrow inside Yet in his soul pain doth reside Eyes like tarnished… Continue reading Feeder of Life