Flowers bloom While the sinister walk Sleeping for days While the weak get caught Draining my children And hearing their screams Walking through darkness Alone a disease

Sequel of Happiness Taken (my blind friend)

Sequel of Happiness Taken Black, the rose whose thorns do prick; gently bleeding the crimson river. For beauty is for none to perceive but the blind, whose joy it does give. Be untouched, and now, in the eternal flow within ever silent eyes. There is beauty in many forms and radiance to this untimely end.… Continue reading Sequel of Happiness Taken (my blind friend)

i despise valentines day

i know i probably wrote something about christmas, but know i want to rant about valentines day. i really want to know what the point is with having a holiday where you are forced to say you love someone. all it really does is remind those of us without anyone of how alone we are… Continue reading i despise valentines day