Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 13

Blood Dripping Roses Chapter 13 As Ebony slowly came to her since, she knew that once again, she was inside and lying on a bed. Her hand went right to her neck where she felt the bandage going around it, proving that all that she remembered last, was real. “It’s about time you wake.” Ebony… Continue reading Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 13

Remember when I said I’d be here forever?

It was cold. Silver and cold. But it was such a beautiful night. It was a light drizzle as River and Lana walked along the edge of the woods. Walking to their secret spot and holding hands, the moon hung halfway behind a cloud. They walked a little further and soon were at the small… Continue reading Remember when I said I’d be here forever?

The Day that didn’t exsist (true story)

The dizziness was kicking in and when I looked into his eyes I knew I shouldn’t have taken that extra sleeping pill. But that day I was feeling down and ugly, so I figured, why not. Your cute little cousin was staring at me in a way that seemed as if he was asking “What’s… Continue reading The Day that didn’t exsist (true story)