Whispers From My…Soul

Thursday 15th May 2003 01:35:00 pm Sitting here all alone falling down, Thinking of my battered life, long gone. Wording heartfelt thoughts in haste, Tears trickling down my soul are all I taste. I’ve gone astray & craved for defeat, Now not even death will serve as retreat. Insane, down the memory lane I travel,… Continue reading Whispers From My…Soul

Wilted Soul

A collaborative effort of the band Tears of Pain and MourningStar2002. Wilted Soul Death is a state of mind. Another world, I wish I could find. I’m searching and pleading For forgiveness in hell. A story, I wish I couldn’t tell. I have to repent. I’m so full of pain. I need death’s relief. Being… Continue reading Wilted Soul

The Agony I brought upon Myself and Others

Salvation comes not under many forms and somehow the arrogance shown to me was the arrogance that will make me ravage all those who face me without grief. Kiss of death has never been within me as death is but another excuse to let go, to give up. Some have pointed me out, calling me… Continue reading The Agony I brought upon Myself and Others