A Fact of Life

The ritualistic pain of life is never avoided. Some struggle through life with hardship after hardship. Some encounter brief periods of misfortune that take them by surprise. The latter, in my opinion, are the unlucky ones. Those whose entire life is hardship learn to adapt. They struggle for every goal, and thus enjoy them more.… Continue reading A Fact of Life

A dream…Almost True

You’ll glance with your smiles, And I’ll wipe away in our midst, the miles. You’ll caress me with your visions, And I’ll have in mind solely your notions. You’ll shorten the long strides of my life, As your love will shield me from strife. You’ll embrace my soul & mould broken pieces, Make come true… Continue reading A dream…Almost True

Again for the first time~

Have you ever found yourself meeting someone for the first time again and again. My first thought in this situation is to believe the person has changed, but perhaps not. Perhaps I have changed. Then again there is this. Perhaps it is not my change nor his, but how his perceptions of me have changed… Continue reading Again for the first time~