Life in me, is like living in hell. I hurt all the time and I feel like I’m on fire 24/7. I’m always in the middle of shit and I’m always in everybodies way, but it’s like I love everybody in my life, but yet I hate them at the same time. I wish I… Continue reading Me!

Death Awaits You All

You call me names and push me around. you think im a nothing. but what goes around comes around. you think you’re so much better than me just because you wear abercromie and i wear gothedout… but you dont even know what im all about. im glad to be an outcast, im glad to be… Continue reading Death Awaits You All


Theres always post upon post of people complaining about being labelled. Be it goth, punk, freak, or just a free spirit, a deviation from the going ‘norm’ automatically attracts a label, no matter what you may say and do to justify yourself, you label them just as much.