dark kiss (vampire story)

There is a large gap in my mind from the past night; it must have started at no later than half past the hour of eight. Louise or better known as La Goulue, Nini belle-en-cuisse and I, were working as we always would on a normal weekday night. We were three beautiful women working towards… Continue reading dark kiss (vampire story)

No one understands what its like *True vampire story *

No one understands what its really like. What its really like to be a Vampire. I’ve read books, lots of books and seen a multitude of movies. Its all the same – vampires are immortal, they kill, they hunt, they have long, long teeth and of course, they fly, sleep in coffins and the sun… Continue reading No one understands what its like *True vampire story *

A quick glance at my situation

I can’t keep holding back all of the hate that I’d love to shoot at evewryone around me. Last night if I wasn’t stoned as shit, I surely would have snapped at my step-mom. She starts screaming at me to everyone, talking about me in third person, she holds up her middle finger and sais… Continue reading A quick glance at my situation

differents blows

At school everyone has the groups the rednecks the freaks the nerd the geeks etc. i am tired of people being judged by the why they act ,dress or the jokes that they laugh at.