This time

Cut from wrist to elbow This time it’s not for show This time I wont parade my scars They wont put me behind bars This time will not be the same This time I wont play that game This times different This time I don’t want attention This time I wont come back This time… Continue reading This time

My game

Im fuckin insane to the core so just lie there on the floor While I’m killing you This is my game, you lose I…own…your body You no longer control Your body You belong to me So fuck you

one nite…stumbling?

you could look into my eyes your words so easily said you dressed it up, made it some sorta wonderful something worth time, really waiting for yet you jumped so quickly at the chance someone so willing, you turned into you own lil game with compelling words, memorable feelings it was supposed to be special… Continue reading one nite…stumbling?