I hate you

You told me you loved me Yousaid that you could see inside and the real me I said go to hell when what I did was really yell i bet you could tell Or were you to busy? Finding other girls giving them that lovely twirl I know you and you’ll never get away from… Continue reading I hate you

What can i do to say im a goth but not saying it outright?

Hello, im now just entering grade 8.I count myself as a goth and am icalled one but i have no goth friends which means i need help to learn about goths.Unlike alot of parents my parents will elt me wear black and studded stuff but they will refuse to know me as there goth son.I… Continue reading What can i do to say im a goth but not saying it outright?

Apocalyptic Visions

A collaborative effort of Sacrifice Theory and MourningStar2002. Posted with permission from the band Tears of Pain. Apocalyptic Visions The world’s ending mother fuckers. Can’t you see that? Look around at the hell we live in. Minds changed, deranged Bridges burned, hearts chained Sould ravaged, damned Tables turned, the fall of man Happy memories of… Continue reading Apocalyptic Visions