Soldier Of Darkness

Tempted by nothing, Bound by no pains, My wrath is as fierce as blood surely stains. Each part of my body, beaten and toned, Each skill i posses, sharpened and honed. An unstoppable weapon created by fate, Controlled by this mind, Driven by hate. I hold out a curved cold blade of silence, No angel… Continue reading Soldier Of Darkness

“A Close Encounter”

The night is young and full of curiosity, in an alley you appear to be in, strolling along to your nightly duties, but you feel a great presence lurking close by, you feel other steps beneath your feet, you whip around, no one in sight, still you feel someone is there, you feel it breathing… Continue reading “A Close Encounter”

Turned Away

Turned Away Turned away from me. All face another direction. None notice the person in the middle. All doing their own thing. All talking to someone different. Making plans for future events. None that I’ll be involved in. Just sitting here writing, Or reading. No one steals a glance, Except for a few. They’ll look… Continue reading Turned Away

A quick glance at my situation

I can’t keep holding back all of the hate that I’d love to shoot at evewryone around me. Last night if I wasn’t stoned as shit, I surely would have snapped at my step-mom. She starts screaming at me to everyone, talking about me in third person, she holds up her middle finger and sais… Continue reading A quick glance at my situation

Fading Away From Reality

What was the point in going on. She had rejected him, that was it. The end had come. He practically dragged himself into his bedroom. His thoughts were of her. She was his soul mate. He understood her decision. He only wished she had told him so that they could have left together. Together…