She Said Nothing

She wanted to kill herself. She had, right now, wanted to kill herself more than she had wanted anything else in the world. She said nothing. Above her, the boy gyrated, blindly pumping himself into her, his ministrations so intense that she was almost breathless from the pain. He fucked her, indiscriminately, desperately, mumbling to… Continue reading She Said Nothing

” My Fateful Attempts “

It’s a rather beautiful night, the stars are out, the moon reflecting its astonishing gleam, as i walk down the old sidewalks of Main Street, the shops are old and out of bussiness, the street is practically deserted, only leaving locked doors and cealed gates, but one particular building stands, it seems to be an… Continue reading ” My Fateful Attempts “


She walked up to her room crying. Not believing what she was hearing. Taking a knife to her skin earlier, But not daring. But now there was a different gleam in her eye. Her emotions scared herself. But that didn’t stop her. She looked for something, Anything that could cause damage. That’s when she found… Continue reading Hurt


Sometimes i feel like im drowning People ask me why im frowning They think im silly I dont care just pass me the billy