Godzilla in Brazil

This is how it’s done, people. Check out the display from the recent Brazil Comic-Con. GODZILLA: REI DO MONSTROS. I love it. We also have the announcement from ToHo that the final installment of their animated Godzilla trilogy is due out next month, to be entitled GODZILLA: THE PLANET EATER. Oh, to have them do… Continue reading Godzilla in Brazil

If Godzilla ain’t broke, don’t fix him!

The title of this article comes as a result of the reply that Director Michael Dougherty made on his official Twitter page to a fan who asked if they were going to change the design of Godzilla for the upcoming sequel, GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS. Dougherty’s actual words: “He is evolution in the flesh,… Continue reading If Godzilla ain’t broke, don’t fix him!


We will eschew all the alternate titles for this film—NEW GODZILLA, NEW GOJIRA, SHIN GOJIRA, GODZILLA RESURGENCE—and go with the one that was blazing atop the marquee this past weekend when I got to at long last see the latest in ToHo’s Studios’ Godzilla series, SHIN GODZILLA. Was it worth the wait? Worth the build… Continue reading Review: SHIN GODZILLA


Bad week! First we get news that the sequel to 2014’s GODZILLA had been pushed back all the way to 2019 (that’s such a long time to have to wait!), and then we were hit with news that director Gareth Edwards would not be returning. Say it ain’t so! Why are you abandoning us, Gareth?… Continue reading Nnnooooooooo…!