About me… (*Zat)

I live in Britian… I go to Canada and Ny-Ballston Spa/Saratoga a lot though. Im german, irish, canadian and british. I go to tons of punk shows and im usually always out somewhere. I smoke fags(ciggarettes) drink whenever the hell I can (everynight ;P) and I smoke marijuana as well for around here, everyone does.… Continue reading About me… (*Zat)

crying in the dark

Isn’t it ironic how life can change in a heart beat? One moment you’re up on cloud nine, and in the next you’re soul shatters into coulntless shards. You sit there and stare at the one you thought loved you, as they calmly walk away, wondering if you can ever put yourself back together.

In Loving Memory Of…..

I wish this could be a light and meaningful article, but I’m afraid it won’t be. My mind is so godda*ned numb right now, I don’t even remember my full name clearly. It came at me as a suprise. I was checking my mail when I learned that a good friend was in a horrible… Continue reading In Loving Memory Of…..